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Monday, April 29, 2013

Staffing Nurse

Job Vacancy for staff nurse in a government health case center in Doha-Qatar.

Needs Bachelor of Nursing or Diploma of nursing,  Arabic nationality preferred have experience 3-4 years in school health. Interested candidate can submit your CV and Resume to :

Neha Mishra
Assistant Recruitment Specialist
# 41, Airport Road, Murgeshpalya, Bangalore – 560017
Above Spencer’s, Opp to Kemp fort.
Dir: +91-80-40609636/+91-8088345540
Mail: Web:
“Continuous Innovation in Human Resources”

Or apply here:

Nursing Staffing

Nursing Staffing

Nursing staffing always main issue for many years, we find many of fresh graduates nurses unemployment in eastern countries , followed by full employment  in other condition, with low wages, and less benefit if compare with other professions. Nursing staffing is an issue of professional concern.

But in western and developed countries, such North America, UK, Australia, even gulf countries shortages of professional nursing staffs is an issue of professional concern since decades. There is barrier between unemployment nurses and market nursing demand.

This is one of example of shortages nurse staff in US.  Many Hospitals in State almost need more staff to place in many departments because of increase patient intensity needs increase complexity of care. Because inappropriate staffing can threaten  patient’s safety. To achieve the vacancies, no other ways except staff nurses have to do over time work.  Even though high paid salary per hour over time, almost 50 US$ per hour, but the effect is fatigue become main problem for nurses.
According research topic in 2004 by Dr Aan E. Rogers. Published an important article on fatigue and its impact on nursing and patient safety. Finding from this research is the effect of fatigue not only endanger the patient but also the staff nurse. These findings place new ethical pressures on both Nurses as they decide whether to work overtime and on administrators as the develop staffing schedules and react to staffing shortages.
The issue of nurse staffing is not a simple one. Help to solve the challenges of staffing to provide the best care to patients in a manner that is safe, to fulfill the shortages of nurses, to train become professional nurses, to distribute unemployment is the concern of all parties, from nursing faculties, nursing agencies to government diplomacy.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

job vacancy for Nurse and Midwife in Geriatric Hospital in Taiwan

Job vacancy for Nurse and Midwife in geriatric Hospital to work in Taiwan.


- Female staff nurse 21-35 year old
- Diploma of nursing / midwife/ general nursing certificate
- Fresh graduate acceptable
- Minimum 155 cm ideal height
- Fit from medical check up

Salary and facility:

- Basic salary Rp 7.000.000,-
- Overtime salary
- 3 years contract
- Accommodation, food, and Insurance


- Civil ID, Family member ID, Last nursing certificate, Permission letter from parent, passport size foto 3 pieces.

Information and registration:

Sinergi Binakarya Agency/ Andromeda Graha Agency

Genuk, Semarang
+ 62 81 329 394 775 Telkomsel
+ 62 85 726 715275 Indosat
+ 62 87 733 942 633 XL

Ministry of health, Qatar needs female staff nurses

Hamad Medical Corporation, for Health, Education and Research needs 100 females staff nurses to work in Ministry Of Health Qatar.

Requirement as needed:

General Nursing or Bachelor of Nursing


Salary 6000 Qatar Riyal
Free Food
Over time

Interested candidate contact immediately:

Future Solutions

Near Juice Junction
Balmata, Mangalore.
PH 0824 4254255, 0824 4273886
Mob: +91 7760093103, 8095929497.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to become a traveling nurse

How to become Travel Nurse
According the data if you see in the year1920 when traveling nursing jobs came into existence after the shortage for nurses was felt. It is the most popular career in USA as the demand for travel nurses is mounting owing to less number of nurses in specific regions. There are around 25,500 travel nurses in USA and about 340 US travel nurse agencies. Travel nursing jobs are the short term nursing jobs (4 to 52 weeks) in which the nurses have to travel to different parts of the country. 
You will get so many advantages become travel nurse as follow:
1.      Nurse demand
2.      High paid salary then full-time counterparts
3.      A new level expertise
4.      More demand for native speaker nurse to work as travel nurse in US, UK, Canada and Australia
5.      Travel nurse agency will prepare organizing visa, accommodation and work
6.      Social benefit being travel nurse will get new people from social interaction and communication
7.      Free medical and dental insurance
8.      Can get your life experience in short time period
9.      Can get incentive bonuses
10.  Provide work more confident because travel in pairs or group
11.  Have opportunity involve in natural disaster’s where medical attention is required so possible honor by some
What is Requirement become travel nurse
If you are in Unites States should be registered nurses Travel nurses are registered nurses, usually hired by travel nurse agency, who take temporary positions in a variety of settings in order to fill a shortage. Generally, they will work in the hospital setting, where shortages of nursing personnel are rampant.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

O'Grady Peyton Nursing Agency recruits Nurse to USA

After many years USA ban for immigration and working visa , nowadays another chance and opportunity again to enter USA as a staff nurse trough Nursing Agency guidance. O'Grady Peyton Nursing Agency is one of the agency already established for more then 25 years, has successful  sent thousands nurses and qualified medical professionals moved to United States, Canada, Australia and UK.

Once the candidate has fulfilled the necessary requirements, O'Grady Peyton ready to help long term assignments, permanent placement services, comprehensive immigration processing, high NCLEX success possibility, additional training, and help placed and excellent variety of nursing job opportunity in the USA.

How to apply and enrolled

If you are interested to star new journey and new life in USA, you can start by submit your information through on line application, you have to answer correct questions, once your responses are submitted, you will be taken to the appropriate candidate application.

You can start to fulfill your information here:

O'Grady Peyton online application

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Current Job Vacancy in Qatar Petroleum for Nurse

Qatar Petroleum (QP) located in Qatar is energy company provides good benefit for employees across many disciplines. Qatar Petroleum recruits employees from different countries around the world to achieve their goals.

many advantages you will get including free taxes salary deduction, full family status, accommodation allowance, free children education, health insurance, transport allowance, and paid annual leave with paid air fares to the country of origin.

Qatar Petroleum recently has a number of vacancies, not only for engineering profession but also for nurse and medical team.

Recently there is vacancy for nurse in QP with job requirement as below:

Minimum diploma of nursing certificate, with minimum 3 years experience shown evidence of current Nursing Registration in country of origin. ACLS, ITLS provider desirable minimum 2 years general nursing experience. Accident and emergency experience would be advantageous.

How to apply:

Submit your CV and Resume as needed online to this address below:

Only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to become care giver in Europe, USA and Canada

So many home care agency in Europe including France, UK, Germany and Spain, and other Countries such as USA and Canada provide to work for care giver, nurse, LPN, and nurse aid who wants to live in carers of clients who need help to enable them to maintain their independence with competent, dedicated, compassionate heart, can maintain patient well being and dignity.

Legal Rights and Responsibility

Care giver in Europe, USA and Canada are legal rights as long as enter through legal care agency, care giver has respect to fair working conditions and fair treatment under employment standards legislation who cover rights such as days off each week, paid public holidays, overtime pay, paid vacation time.

Care giver assumes full responsibility for house hold in absence of parents. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the home, supervise and care of children.

How to become Care Giver

You have to enrolled in Care Giver Recruitment Agency, they will check your information and if qualified according requirements set by citizenship and immigration under the foreign care giver program.

Other main requirements you must receive full time training program as a live in care giver and gained experience in area such as early childhood education, geriatric care, pediatric nursing, or first aid.

Must be able to speak, read and understanding English at level that allows to function independently in a home setting.

And the importance thing you must have a written employment contract between you and your future employer; such as your jobs duties, hours of work, salary and benefits.

Here are the care giver agencies in UK, USA and Canada and you can submit online applications form:

Ontario Care Giver Agency

Southern Nevada Home Care and Hospice Agency

Helping Hands Home Care UK Agency

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Nursing Agency Synergy needs LPN's or RN's

Nursing recruitment agency synergy located in Doha Qatar is looking for Female LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse) or Registered Nurse (RN) to work in Doha Qatar, who can provide patient care on a very personal level. Demonstrating awareness of various disease and preventive measures as well as options for treatment.

She will work for educating and advising communities in health care issues of maternal, pediatrics, woman health care and providing information and advice on various health issues and how to live a healthy life.


- Female LPN or RN
- Arabic speaker preferable
- Fluent in English
- Qualified nurse with experience in gynecology, pediatrics, and maternal care
- 1 years of experience

Job location;

Doha, Qatar

Who are interested can apply here

Friday, April 05, 2013

Recruitment Agency hiring staff nurse to work in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Recruitment Agency hiring staff nurse to work in new hospitals throughout Riyadh Saudi Arabia. With many advantages:

Annual tickets
Food allowance
Retention bonus at the end of the contract
Continuous Medical Education and Professional Develepment

For some one inside Saudi Arabia and have a transferable iqamah, it will be  more easy, just send your CV to: Kuwaittimesbayt

Those applicants outside the Kingdom may also apply with requirement:

- At least 2 years experience
- Saudi Commission
- Team player
- Familiarity with CBAHI & JCI standards is a plus

Job Details

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Monday, April 01, 2013

Holland Nursing Agency

There is new jobs opportunity for staff nurse who wants to try to work in European country, by entering the Holland Nursing Agency to work for Dutch hospital and care institutions in the Netherlands.

Many advantages will get if you work in the Netherlands as a staff nurse:

- Excellent prospects
- Competitive employment conditions
- Pleasant work employment
- Well equipped
- No income tax on the First 30% of your earning in the Netherlands for 10 years
- Suitable job
- Objective information about living and working in the Netherlands
- A fair and proper contact
- Suitable housing
- Course in dutch language
- handling of your registration as a nurse
- Advice in the area of taxation and insurance
- Opportunities for additional training
- A pension scheme

If you are interested you can apply to Holland Nursing agency.