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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Jobs Vacancy in Kuwait Oil Company for Medical Field

Hot News Jobs Vacancy in Kuwait Oil Company for Medical Field            
1           1.       Job Vacancy for Respiratory Therapist (Closing date 01/12/2013)


                - Complete of university Degree in science with specialization in respiratory therapy.
                - 6 years experience in the field of respiratory therapy.

       2.     Occupational Medicine (closing date 01/12/2013)

               Review and examination staff in the oil sector on a regular basis and transferred to specialists when                needed, works to educate the staff as required by the needs. also involved in preventive                                programs to reduce accidents that may occur in the workplace and writes reports. Supervises on                  all vaccination programs  


               MB, Ch.B + Master degree  in occupational medicine and preventive medicine, plus ?Registrar                    Occupational Medicine? practice license from Ministry of Health.
               - 5 years experience within the specialty, 1 of which must be  after master degree or equivalent

        3.     Nursing Officer (Closing date 01/12/2013)

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