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Monday, April 29, 2013

Nursing Staffing

Nursing Staffing

Nursing staffing always main issue for many years, we find many of fresh graduates nurses unemployment in eastern countries , followed by full employment  in other condition, with low wages, and less benefit if compare with other professions. Nursing staffing is an issue of professional concern.

But in western and developed countries, such North America, UK, Australia, even gulf countries shortages of professional nursing staffs is an issue of professional concern since decades. There is barrier between unemployment nurses and market nursing demand.

This is one of example of shortages nurse staff in US.  Many Hospitals in State almost need more staff to place in many departments because of increase patient intensity needs increase complexity of care. Because inappropriate staffing can threaten  patient’s safety. To achieve the vacancies, no other ways except staff nurses have to do over time work.  Even though high paid salary per hour over time, almost 50 US$ per hour, but the effect is fatigue become main problem for nurses.
According research topic in 2004 by Dr Aan E. Rogers. Published an important article on fatigue and its impact on nursing and patient safety. Finding from this research is the effect of fatigue not only endanger the patient but also the staff nurse. These findings place new ethical pressures on both Nurses as they decide whether to work overtime and on administrators as the develop staffing schedules and react to staffing shortages.
The issue of nurse staffing is not a simple one. Help to solve the challenges of staffing to provide the best care to patients in a manner that is safe, to fulfill the shortages of nurses, to train become professional nurses, to distribute unemployment is the concern of all parties, from nursing faculties, nursing agencies to government diplomacy.


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