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Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to become care giver in Europe, USA and Canada

So many home care agency in Europe including France, UK, Germany and Spain, and other Countries such as USA and Canada provide to work for care giver, nurse, LPN, and nurse aid who wants to live in carers of clients who need help to enable them to maintain their independence with competent, dedicated, compassionate heart, can maintain patient well being and dignity.

Legal Rights and Responsibility

Care giver in Europe, USA and Canada are legal rights as long as enter through legal care agency, care giver has respect to fair working conditions and fair treatment under employment standards legislation who cover rights such as days off each week, paid public holidays, overtime pay, paid vacation time.

Care giver assumes full responsibility for house hold in absence of parents. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the home, supervise and care of children.

How to become Care Giver

You have to enrolled in Care Giver Recruitment Agency, they will check your information and if qualified according requirements set by citizenship and immigration under the foreign care giver program.

Other main requirements you must receive full time training program as a live in care giver and gained experience in area such as early childhood education, geriatric care, pediatric nursing, or first aid.

Must be able to speak, read and understanding English at level that allows to function independently in a home setting.

And the importance thing you must have a written employment contract between you and your future employer; such as your jobs duties, hours of work, salary and benefits.

Here are the care giver agencies in UK, USA and Canada and you can submit online applications form:

Ontario Care Giver Agency

Southern Nevada Home Care and Hospice Agency

Helping Hands Home Care UK Agency


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