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Monday, April 15, 2013

O'Grady Peyton Nursing Agency recruits Nurse to USA

After many years USA ban for immigration and working visa , nowadays another chance and opportunity again to enter USA as a staff nurse trough Nursing Agency guidance. O'Grady Peyton Nursing Agency is one of the agency already established for more then 25 years, has successful  sent thousands nurses and qualified medical professionals moved to United States, Canada, Australia and UK.

Once the candidate has fulfilled the necessary requirements, O'Grady Peyton ready to help long term assignments, permanent placement services, comprehensive immigration processing, high NCLEX success possibility, additional training, and help placed and excellent variety of nursing job opportunity in the USA.

How to apply and enrolled

If you are interested to star new journey and new life in USA, you can start by submit your information through on line application, you have to answer correct questions, once your responses are submitted, you will be taken to the appropriate candidate application.

You can start to fulfill your information here:

O'Grady Peyton online application


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