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Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to become a traveling nurse

How to become Travel Nurse
According the data if you see in the year1920 when traveling nursing jobs came into existence after the shortage for nurses was felt. It is the most popular career in USA as the demand for travel nurses is mounting owing to less number of nurses in specific regions. There are around 25,500 travel nurses in USA and about 340 US travel nurse agencies. Travel nursing jobs are the short term nursing jobs (4 to 52 weeks) in which the nurses have to travel to different parts of the country. 
You will get so many advantages become travel nurse as follow:
1.      Nurse demand
2.      High paid salary then full-time counterparts
3.      A new level expertise
4.      More demand for native speaker nurse to work as travel nurse in US, UK, Canada and Australia
5.      Travel nurse agency will prepare organizing visa, accommodation and work
6.      Social benefit being travel nurse will get new people from social interaction and communication
7.      Free medical and dental insurance
8.      Can get your life experience in short time period
9.      Can get incentive bonuses
10.  Provide work more confident because travel in pairs or group
11.  Have opportunity involve in natural disaster’s where medical attention is required so possible honor by some
What is Requirement become travel nurse
If you are in Unites States should be registered nurses Travel nurses are registered nurses, usually hired by travel nurse agency, who take temporary positions in a variety of settings in order to fill a shortage. Generally, they will work in the hospital setting, where shortages of nursing personnel are rampant.

Other areas of work in which a travel nurse may find temporary employment include: acute care facilities, outpatient surgery centers, assisted living or nursing homes, or working with children in schools or camps. Still other positions may include: physicians offices, correctional facilities, clinics or laboratories. Most places require at least one year of experience in the hospital setting.
Travel nurse generally receive more salary than nurse who worked in a single location. Most travel nursing jobs average 13 to 26 weeks, some can be short for four weeks or long for 52 weeks.
How much Salary will I get
Travel nursing pay vary a lot and generally changes with the location, hospital need, housing cost of the area and negotiation ability of the traveler. Like you will find more travel nurse salary if you are given travel nursing jobs in north or west America than the southern American States. The RN travel nurse salary can be $40 per hour whereas surgical technologists, respiratory therapist and LPN will get pay close to $28 per hour. Some of the hospitals and travel agencies also give bonus that can reach to $6,000 and given at the end of the assignment.

How to become a traveling nurse?
To become a travel nurse one will have to complete the education from the affiliated nursing school to get the Registered Nurse degree. You can go for any of the following types of education 
·         Four years BSN degree
·         Two years ADN program
·         Three years diploma
·         3 years experience where as for Psychiatric, Med-Surgical and Rehabilitation
·         Passed NCLEX-RN exam
·         Charming personality
·         Easy to adapt nature
·         Good communication skills

How I choose the travel nurse agency
A recruiter at the agency will assist the nurse with obtaining the proper state licensure or hospital requirements. You will have a contract drawn up by the agency, with the hospital, for salary, length of assignment, and hours worked. The travel nurse agency generally pays for travel expenses and will also have made living arrangements for you in your area of choice. If there are any professional criteria that must be met, your agency and recruiter will assist you with that as well.
If you are looking for a rewarding career that allows you to travel across the United States, then a career as a traveling nurse could be just what you're looking for. Look for agencies in your home town or on the Internet to help you get started on your journey as a travel nurse. They will help place you in a job that is right for you.
It is advisable that you select a traveling nurse agency which has a strong reputation and solid listing of potential jobs. The better traveling nurse agencies will attract more of the better jobs. The traveling nurse agency should also offer competitive salary and bonus packages- these will often be displayed on their website.

In terms of how to begin searching for the right traveling nurse agency, make a list and right down all the qualities you are seeking. Once you have made the list, get on the internet and start comparing the company's websites. Specifically seek out testimonials from nurses who have worked for the traveling nurse company. When contacting agencies never be afraid to ask them certain question you feel may be important. Next, it is important to call up the agency in person and discuss what you are looking for- if you don't feel they are responsive to your questions, don't bother- you need that basic level of communication and support.

Seek out a traveling nurse agency which maintains a high level of professionalism and thoroughness. These kinds of agencies will generally always do the right thing by you.

Always ask to view a contract before agreeing to sign with the traveling nurse agency- and make sure you read the fine print. Specifically you want to be aware of the terms of pay and overtime/penalty rates, and also whether you need to sacrifice any portion of your salary for any fees (This is not common). It may also be worth asking how your personal information will be distributed, and whether you will have one point of contact (This makes dealing with the agency so much more efficient).
The decision of choosing a traveling nurse agency should be one which is based on research and communication with the agency in person. The best indication of a good traveling nurse agency is the amount of jobs they list, and the feedback from nurses who work for the traveling nurse agency.


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