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Monday, November 28, 2011

SA International

SA International( Outsourcing and recruitment consultants agency)

Mission Statement

The Middle East is a vast land of opportunities with medical jobs ranging across the industry. Nursing jobs in the UAE cover all specialties and require a minimum of two years nursing experience. Nursing jobs in Dubai mean that you get to explore the modern capital of the UAE. Our nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia allow you to experience the unique culture of Saudi Arabia while expanding your nursing experience. Nursing jobs in Qatar mean that you are able to experience the beauty of the Persian Gulf while working to extend your knowledge in your chosen profession. Our nursing jobs in Kuwait offer you variety in your nursing career, while you work in this coastal location.

S A International agency finds medical jobs for you in Saudi Arabia, physician jobs, nursing jobs, respiratory therapy jobs, medical technologist jobs, occupational therapist jobs, physiotherapist jobs, Sonographer jobs, Pharmacist jobs and other professional hospital staff who are qualified from USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia to work in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states in the Middle East.


• Sourcing and recruiting of certified staff who will be able to be retained by hospitals in Saudi Arabia, thus helping to supply medical jobs in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries;
• To provide straightforward, realistic and accurate representations to both applicants and hospitals; We are a Gulf Country job vacancy site;
• To identify candidates with appropriate credentials to fulfill a hospital's needs and to recommend only those candidates who possess skills, experience and cultural sensitivity for working and living in the Middle East;
• Committed to the provision of regular communication between SAI and its clients.


Medical jobs include all specialties and sub specialties.

Nursing jobs include Staff Nurses jobs, Charge Nurses jobs, Head Nurses jobs, ICU Staff Nurses jobs Nursing Instructor jobs, Nursing Educator jobs, Nursing Officers jobs, and Director of Nursing jobs.

Allied Health professionals jobs include Ultrasound Technician jobs, Radiographer jobs, Special Procedure Technicians jobs, Medical Technologist jobs, Respiratory Therapist jobs. Senior Respiratory Therapist jobs, Physiotherapist jobs , Senior physiotherapists jobs, Occupational Therapist jobs , Senior Occupational Therapist jobs, Medical Transcriptionist jobs, EMT Technicians, and Medical Record Technician jobs.

Engineering staff

Mechanical Engineer jobs, Biomedical Engineer jobs, HVAC Engineer jobs, Electrical Engineer jobs, and Fire and Safety Officer jobs.

Information Technology staff

Programmer Analyst jobs, Software Engineer jobs, Senior Network Specialist jobs, and Medical Information Manager jobs.

Administrative jobs

Chief Operating Officer jobs , Project Manager jobs, Human Resources jobs, Quality Assurance Officer jobs, Risk Management jobs, Finance Manager jobs.


All health care professionals.

To find jobs in the Middle East please search our website by going to the 'looking for work' link above and click on 'search our jobs'. And submit your CV to this address below.


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