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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bridge Water international Nursing Agency

Discover the Emirates and enjoy a new nursing or doctor's career with good money, guaranteed sun* and a top class social life in one of the safest countries in the world.

Bridgewater International agency is probably the best recruitment organization in the UK (we don't only take applicants from the UK we recruit personnel from all over the world) with proven results in making your move to an Emirates nursing or medical position an easy one. Bridgewater International is a One Stop Agency which does everything for you and what is more everything is free*.

Furthermore, in the UAE your salary is tax free and there are no British type stealth taxes, so you actually own all the salary you earn (Seven months of your UK salary goes to the Government!! See the third FAQ for further explanation). Gold, electrical goods, cameras, cars and petrol are all cheaper in the UAE, so you will save when you spend. Be sure of this, you will love it when you go. You will have a ball, you will have an adventure and you may even find romance and love too! Few people ever regret going. So get on that Vacancy page or Hospital page now, you could be there before you know it!

Employers Information

Bridge Water international Nursing Agency welcome all enquiries about recruitment from hospitals, recruiters, recruiter’s agents and individual employers from both the Middle East and the rest of the world

What can Bridge Water international Nursing Agency offer you that is different?

Bridge Water international Nursing Agency is specialist in the medical profession, recruitment and the Middle East. Both of us are nurses and Karen worked as a nurse and a midwife in the United Arab Emirates for seven years.

You need us to be working your working week – which in most cases will be the Middle East working week. As a result the office is manned 7 days a week. In addition we will answer Emails up to midnight, UK time.

You will find us to be a company with proven performance results over the ten years we have been in business. We have testimonials from all the hospitals we deal with to this effect.

You will have an excellent working relationship with us .We have superb relationships with all the HR departments of all the hospitals we work with. This is because we are skilful and speedy and make life easy for them. We have no doubt we would have a similar relationship with yourself.

You can see our track record. We work by Royal Appointment and also have exclusive contract rights with some hospitals because of the quality and reliability of our service.

You will be safe in our hands and we make your job easy for you.

If you have any questions, want us to help you or simply want us to contact you please send an Email now and we will do the rest.

We recruit many nurses around the world to put in so many hospitals such as:
Al Ain Hospital

Al Corniche Hospital

Allied Diagnostics

Awali Hospital

Cleveland Clinic

HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi )

Hub Centres in Dubai, Muscat and Riyadh for U.Medical

Khafji Joint Operations Hospital.

Life Line Group Hospitals

Mafraq Hospital

Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre

Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital

Sharjah Teaching Hospital

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Sidra Medical and Research Centre

Sohar, Sharjah and Salalah Centres belonging to United Medical

Tawam Hospital

The American Hospital

The Muscat Private Hospital

The Royal Clinics Saudi Arabia


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