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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Job opportunity in Australia

Australia is a big country and a continent, a destination for everyone from developing countries who dream of living a happy and successful life. Professions including nurses from developing countries such as India, the Philippines, Indonesia and African countries to arrive and work in all parts of Australia.

There are advantages why nurses should work in Australia, because of the Nurses who have received education or experience by working in one hospital in Australia is very likely for them to try working in another country. Because education and experience may be recognized by the international world.

If nurses want to come to Australia, first of all must go through the lawyer or agency to take care of our visas and documents, then after our visa documents and taken care of, then we can fly and enter Australia. But we have not been able to work as a nurse there, our documents will be evaluated by a nurse associations namely Australia Australian Nursing Council Inc.. [ANCI] in Canberra, then we must follow the course for 6 months with nursing test ends, and for a country whose first language is not English, must follow uijan passing IELTS with a minimum of 7, for written, reading, listening and speaking exam.
Nurses needed manpower Australia today:
Registered Nurses
Registered Midwifes
Registered Mental Health nurses
Registered Developmental Disability Nurses
Director of Nursing

Or if you have IELTS with 7 overalls you can register and contactOr if you have IELTS with 7 overalls you can register and contact through VCHN's
Registration Bridging Program for Overseas Qualified Nurses or Nursing Agency o' Grady peyton in


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