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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

King abdullah Medical City

Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia allow you to experience the unique culture of Saudi Arabia while expanding your nursing experience.

King Abdullah Medical City can be the option for medical staffs, nurses health care givers,associates health to work and improve our carriers. KAMC MOH is not for profit quaternary health care service delivery organization that provides the highest standards of patient care, education and research .K.A.M.C is the hospital of choice for patients who seek quality and safe healing environment and for physicians and employees who seek an inspiring and continuous learning work environment.

King Abdullah Medical City contains three hospitals each with 500 beds and they are willing to expand them to reach 1500 beds for each.
King Abdullah Medical City’s message is to introduce specialist services for the society and for the people who want, and to provide the national and international services by qualified and experienced people and by the newest techniques, and quality programs for the staff, and with average fees for people who are incapable.

King Abdullah Medical City contains main department including:

1. Neuroscience center
2. Specialist Endoscopy center
3. Eye surgery
4. Surgery specialist Department
5. Oncology center
6. Open heart surgery

There are a range of benefits from working in King Abdullah Medical City, although again these can vary from position to position. However, they can include:
Free accommodation and airfares;
Tax-free salary;
Flexible Contracts (Normally 1-2 years renewable contracts are offered)
Generous annual leave (normally 6-8 weeks per year);

King Abdulla Medical City open widely for medical staff and nurses who wants to work with professional and moderns facilities.

All specialties and Specialty

Nursing Vacancies:

Director Of Nursing
Assistant Director of Nursing
Head Nurses
Nurse Educator
Nursing Managers

Paramedics vacancies:

Senior Medical Technologist
Senior Respiratory Therapist
Senior Physiotherapist
Ultrasound Tech
Senior Radiographer
Senior EMT Tech
Clinical Pharmacist
Senior Radiotherapy Tech
MRI Tech
CT Tech

Other vacancies:

Respiratory Therapists
Medical Technologists

just apply to the address below
For more details visit:

Contact Us

WEB Mail
for information
Address and Postal Code Kingdom Saudi Arabia
MAKKAH 21955
P.O.BOX 57657
Phone 02-5549999
Fax 02-5532239
Patient Relations, Ext. 10903-10902


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