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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Job Vacancy in National Guard Health Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

As our institution endeavor to achieve the Centre for Excellence in medical care, it is our ultimate goal to attract and hire educated, highly skilled & experienced individuals from all over the world to join and be part of our internationally accredited institution and who can contribute in the attainment of our prime & utmost objectives.

It is at this juncture that we developed and with great pleasure we would like to present to you the “Life & Work” book, a preview of living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The contents you will see will provide you with brief information of National Guard Health Affairs’ (NGHA) Mission & Vision, optimum services provided, state of the art hospitals & academic institutions, employees’ benefits & rewards.
The Department of Recruitment Services provides recruitment services to corporate and hospital departments throughout our organization.

Recruiting staff from local and/or international sources, we strive to provide highly efficient and professional recruitment services to fulfill the needs of the National Guard Health Affairs and affiliated facilities. Under the auspices of National Guard Health Affairs, and with ongoing expansion of its facilities, the mission of Recruitment Services is to respond to the ever increasing and challenging recruitment needs of the highly dynamic National Guard hospitals and facilities.

We invite you to browse through the recruitment pages to explore all aspects of employment and the many exciting opportunities offered by National Guard Health Affairs hospitals.

Explore our organization and find out why we are the employer of choice for hundreds of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Come and join those professionals who already enjoy working within the highly dynamic hospitals of the National Guard Health Affairs.


Employment at any of our National Guard Hospitals offers many interesting and exciting challenges and opportunities for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Join an interesting group of professionals and explore the unlimited benefits and advantages of joining one of these facilities.

Benefits and Compensations of working at NGHA

Annual Leave:
30 days per one year contract or two and half days per month from date of hire.

Eid/Holiday Leave:
5 days for Eid Al Fitr (Right after the end of Ramadan).
5 days for Eid Al Adha (Hajj holidays which is approximately 9 weeks after Ramadan.
Saudi National Day.

There are other types of leaves such as business and professional leaves which may be granted depending on the nature of the job and contract status.

Annual Leave Ticket:
The ticket is available after completion of nine months and upon re-contracting.

Direct Patient Care Staff:
They are entitled to mid year benefits of 10 days leave with pay or airline ticket.

Nursing Positions:
They are entitled to 10 days leave with pay and airline ticket equivalent to (Riyadh-London-Riyadh) depending on the season.

Non-Medical Staff:
They are entitled to of 10 days leave with pay only.

Potential employees will be provided information regarding mid year benefits when they join NGHA staff.

To Build your Resume click here..

Should you wish to contact us, please send an email with your information to the relevant email address as listed below:

Central Region

Medical (Physicians)
Nursing and Paramedical
International (Administrative/Technical/Support)
Local (Administrative/Technical/Support)

Eastern Region (Al Ahsa)

Nursing and Paramedical
Local (Administrative/Technical/Support)
International (Administrative/Technical/Support)

Eastern Region (Dammam)

Medical (Physicians)
Nursing and Paramedical
Local Recruitment

Western Region

Medical (Physicians)
All Other Categories


  • good day!! I just want to ask if BMI is really a requirement for staff nurses before issuing a visa? I am OMAIRA ALI, and I have applied at ABBA agency. Fortunately, I have been hired and completed all the requirements for my papers to be processed. But when it's time for my visa application, my agency told me that NGHA is not going to issue me my visa because I have a BMI of more than 28. When they told me that, I started dieting just to achieve the target weight, but Im starting to get sick. I've been working for 4years but my weight doesn't stop me to give quality nursing care for my patients. I hope you consider my application. I think if I continue dieting ang get sick, I will not be able to render quality nursing care for my patients. Please do consider my application. Thank you

    By Blogger Omaira Ali, At 6:24 AM  

  • Sir Iam blessy currently working as a staff nurse in one dispensary in Al ahssa.I have 7years experience in er department.sir if you have vacancy for the staff nurse kindly inform in this I' you very much sir.yours faithfully Blessy.

    By Blogger arhan azad, At 8:28 PM  

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